Grupo BajoZero

STRUGGLE, SACRIFICE, and DETERMINATION; are some of the words that define BajoZero. In 2003 with only hopes, dreams, and a deep love for music, a group of friends from various parts of Florida set out to pursue a lifelong journey that brings us to date. It is said that music transcends many barriers and BajoZero is living proof of that. Being Florida Natives and from distinct musical backgrounds, these young men have incorporated various music genres such as pop, country, regional Mexican, and their beloved Tejano; to develop the unique sound that has made BajoZero, "El Orgullo De La Florida" today. Their love of music brought members of BajoZero together from different cities within Florida, for long hours of rehearsal to prepare for "the big show", which usually consisted of two to four hour shows with little or no pay. Since its inception in 2003, BajoZero's strong love for music has been conveyed through their performances, whi h have been identified by audiences as engaging, energetic, and unforgettable. With their first single titled, "Antes" released June 23,2013, BajoZero captivated audiences throughout the United States and parts of Mexico by way of mediums, which included live performances, radio, and social media. After many months of working the local music circuit in Florida, in March of 2014 BajoZero traveled from lmmokalee, Florida to San Antonio, Texas to be part of Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair. BajoZero was embraced with open arms during their performance on Houston's, BNet Radio Stage.  

Upon returning, BajoZero was offered an exclusive recording contract by Noe Avalos, from  
Avalos Recording Group. They immediately started production on their highly  
anticipated album titled "BajoZero - Antes", which included their hit single, "Antes".  
Released December 19, 2014, under Avalos Recording Group; BajoZero's album  
quickly gained momentum garnering rave reviews and accolades from the  
general public in several parts of the U.S. and Mexico, which led to fr nt  
page cover placement in local news papers as well as a growing  
demand from internet and terrestrial radio. 
In March of 2015, with their Freshman album "BajoZero" Antes, still topping Tejano,  
radio airways, they returned to San Antonio for the 2nd time to the Tejano Music  
Awards Fan Fair. Upon arrival their fans were anxiously waiting for their performance.  
During the weekend they were able to perform several times on different stages, and  
at different locations throughout San Antonio. By the end of the trip their fan base  
had quadrupled, in size and their fans could not get enough of their music. After gettin  
back to Florida, they continued to promote their freshman album, and continued to put  
on their amazingly, energic, and unforgettable performances for their fans. 
Little did they know that later in the year all their hard work, dedication, and love for  
music would pay off, and they would receive recognition for it all. In October of 2015, they  
were nominated for Tejano Music Awards Best New Group, and Juan Jose Rodriguez won the 
category for Best New Male Artist. Also, in October of 2015, Juan Jose Rodriguez released a duet with Di Marie titled "Alguien" produced by HI Def Willy.

In July of 2017, BajoZero attended The Tejano National Convention for the first time in Las Vegas, Nevada. While at the convention they announced that they teamed up Grammy Award winning artist AB Quantanilla to work on the production of their next single.  After much anticipation in August of 2018, they released their single "En Este Bar" Produced by AB Quantanilla.  

At the end of 2018, upon completion of their contract with Avalos Recording Group they started their own record label "BajoZero Records". They quickly got back in the studio and in November of 2018, they released "Solo Buscaba Amor".  "Solo Buscaba Amor" was not only the first single released off their sophomore album, but also was the first single released under their own record label.
BajoZero returned to San Antonio in March of 2019, for the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair after taking a break the previous year to attend the National Tejano Convention in Las Vegas. During that weekend they were welcomed back to the Tejano Capital of the World with open arms from all their fans. They performed several times on several stages to give all their fans a chance to catch one of their shows. Upon returning home from their busy and long, but fun weekend driven by all the love and support from their fans, they hit the recording studio to continue working on their sophomore album. In May of 2019, they released "Pedazitos" the second single from their upcoming sophomore album. "Pedazitos" was everything all the BajoZero music lovers were expecting and more. It is currently being played on all Tejano AM, FM, Internet radio stations, and digital platforms throughout the US and Mexico. BajoZero is currently in the recording studio finishing up their sophomore album, performing for their fans on the weekends, and getting ready to attend their 2nd National Tejano Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada in August. 
Riding the wave of a successful album release, BajoZero has decided to embrace their success and contribute back into the world and local communities, by contributing to charities that advocate equality, fairness, good health, and human rights. 

 Vocalista - Juan Rodriguez 
Accordion -Tré Flournah 
Bajo Quinto - Cristian Dimas 
Bajo Electrico - Fabian Flores 
Bateria - Memo Lara 
Congas - Nick Dimas



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